Greek yoghurt


Greek yoghurt

Fat - 5%, Net weight - 230 g
41 som
Unique features of the Greek yoghurt:
  • Thick body.
  • Sugar-free, good for any diet. The absence of sugar allows its consumption by diabetics.
  • In-situ fermentation.

 This yoghurt has a uniquely thick body. The Greek Yoghurt is an excellent breakfast or snack meal. It can be also used as a salad dressing or a base for cooking desserts or sauces, as an alternative to vegetable or olive oil. Yoghurt is made of farm-supplied cow milk using the in-situ fermentation. It is recommended as a diet food.  

Health benefits of the Greek Yoghurt: it is rich in proteins, calcium, vitamins, and healthy bacteria. It strengthens the bones, stimulates metabolism, improves digestion, and calms the nerves. The live bacteria also benefit digestion and boost the immune system.

 *In-situ fermentation is a traditional way of fermenting processed dairy products. The fermentation happens in the can. Yoghurt is packaged before the fermentation starts. Milk is mixed with the starter, then the can is sealed and placed in a holding cell with a temperature set for fermenting. The entire fermentation process occurs in the can, and there is no need for any further mechanical stages, such as agitating or packaging. This provides for a very dense and homogeneous mass.

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