Our mission

Bring back original, fresh, wholesome, and safe food products to the store shelves. 
Prove it possible to have proper nutrition without too much effort even in a big city.  

Our values:


Our principle: The product only contains what's on the package.


Our families continuously consume our dairy products.


When we make the product, we put priority on those who will consume it. 

Social significance

Our products provide a choice.

Core principles:
  • We are building an honest and transparent business with everyone. For this reason, our quality control is based on our buyers' feedback.
  • We are learning and improving all the time. We read a lot, go to training courses and conduct our own. We are enthralled by the process, and the bottomline is always secondary.
  • We are always ready to have an open and honest discussion. We have nothing to hide, and our doors are always open.

Books that inspire us:
Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. 2005