About us

It all started in 2009.
 A young family, Vyacheslav and Yekaterina Kovyrevs, decided to eat healthy. This was mostly due to some digestion problems experienced by the head of the family and his children.

We decided to start with the dairy. But what could be found in the market in 2009?

·Natural, good, and fresh dairy products from the bazaar without any safety or sanitary warranties; or
·Safe products from dairy plants, with long shelf life, but containing a pile of stabilizers, dyes, preservatives, and aromatizers.

This is how we came across an idea to make an operation manufacturing natural, fresh, safe, and healthy dairy products. This is easy to say, but how could this be done by an IT engineer and a PhysEd teacher?

We started looking for a technology. We rummaged through dozens of old books, sought after old dairy engineers in Bishkek. We even started correspondence with the Candidate of Agriculture from Bashkiria, the Associate Professor of BSAU Svetlana Kanareykina.

In the fall of 2010, we had a business plan, a technology, and recipes. We were only lacking the investor. This role was taken by the Kulikov Cakes company, now called Kulikov Confectionary. The company owners liked the environment-friendly concept built upon similar principles of openness and integrity as the Kulikov company.

The entire year in 2011 was spent looking for and renovating the rental space, purchasing equipment, and commissioning the manufacture lines.

Finally, on January 15, 2012, the first two products sold under the Family Traditions trademark, the Bio Yoghurt and the Fruity Duet Yoghurt went on sale. This product was unique. The in-situ fermentation technology allowed producing dense texture without any starch. The 10-days shelf life alleviated the need in preservatives. Freshly stewed fruit preserves combined with yoghurt produced an inimitable taste and aroma.

Yes, we even had to learn how to make the jam. We simply could not find anything in the local market without dyes or flavorings. An old friend of Kovyrevs, a Bulgarian engineer Rangel Taskov, came to a rescue. With over 40 years track record in preserves manufacturing, he provided a technology of making real Bulgarian jam and confiture.

The high quality and taste of our products was duly appreciated by our neighbors in Kazakhstan. At the WorldFood Kazakhstan expo our Greek Yoghurt and Confiture Extra were awarded a Grand Prix.

When Kyrgyzstan ascended the Eurasian Economic Union in 2015, our company started construction of a modern dairy plant in accordance with the food safety requirements of HACCP. The construction started in the Eastern Industrial District of Bishkek, in one of the abandoned warehouses.

In 2016 our 'ship' has set sail.

We are proud of what we made.
Production before reconstruction
Production after reconstruction

The new plant allowed us to make our dream of the full-cream ice cream come true. In the summer of 2016, our full-cream ice cream came to the stores.

The next step in our development was opening our own chain of Healthy Nutrition stores. The first chain store greeted its customers on March 21, 2017.

The idea behind the chain is quite simple: locally made products with no secret ingredients. It should be noted that the Family Traditions company implements full control over adherence to this idea, in addition to the manufacturers and regulators.    


We feel confident about the future.  

We have learnt to make unique products for the Bishkek market, and we are going to expand the product line. 

We also realize the world is constantly changing, and that sales requirements always increase. Therefore, we will spend more time working with our customers and try to create for them a unique service line.
 Thank you for being with us!


Family Traditions Company.