Bread is the staff of life

Bread is the staff of life

Bread is the staff of life

Organic-flour bread sold in the Healthy Nutrition stores have become very popular.

Today we are taking a trip to the Issyk-Kul Lake village of Grigoryevka to see for ourselves an example of the 'permanent' agriculture.
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Please meet Andrey Kiyashko, a man of many talents and unrivaled erudition.
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Andrey is certain that a thorough planning based on the knowledge of properties and specifics of each component (fruit trees, sheds and barns, hedges, ponds, etc.) makes it possible to create an efficient ecosystem with minimum resources and labor and maximum productivity. 

Andrey's house has only a solar heating system. And the heat supply is sufficient not only for his big family, but even for his cacti grown in the greenhouse.
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Andrey brought formidable business skills to his 'wild-growing' farm. In 2009, he has left a successful construction career and moved his family to what he believed was the best place to live and work, the coast of Issyk-Kul Lake.

His knowledge coupled with an uncanny intuition brought a new life to the abandoned cropland.
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He had completely eliminated chemical weeding, saltpeter, herbicides and pesticides. His approach was based on a thorough selection of grains depending on the soil and adjacent grain culture. He also practiced an annual land rotation to prevent soil exhaustion.

"In the beginning, it was very difficult to gather crops," Andrey sighed. "But, as they say, 'little strokes fell great oaks'. My wife and I became stronger, our helpers have grown up, and we bought some equipment."
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Everything is well-thought in this ecosystem. State-of-the-art energy-efficient materials (polycarbonate) are used next to adobe-brick walls. 
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Space technology.
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And ovens from the Russian fairy tales.
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Everything about this place is amazing. Perhaps, this is why the nature so abundantly endows Andrey's farm with such a profuse harvest.
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It may very well be that Andrey Kiyashko is not the last of business people to drop everything and set out to make something beautiful. In harmony with the nature and one's self.

We will endeavor to bring more products from the Ecofarm to our store shelves. Because we are certain this cause is healthy and necessary.


Family Traditions Company.  

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Issyk-Kul Region, Grigoryevka Village
3 June, 2017