Taste of Milk

Taste of Milk
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Taste of Milk

Did you ever stop to think why our elders keep saying the food tasted better in the USSR?

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The answer is simple, in the USSR there were collective farms and state farms, which were engaged in livestock farming on an industrial scale. The breeding, feeding, grafting of animals was carried out in accordance with GOST. There was a selection, development plans. All milk was stored and transported under state control.

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Dairy plants could always control incoming raw materials. And most importantly, to receive milk of high and first grades.

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After the collapse of the Soviet Union, there were no collective farms. Farms have become warehouses. Animals were sold to the public or put on meat.

The entire process of milk production in the country was given to the population. To date, 95% of raw milk in Kyrgyzstan, is going to private dwellings.
The amount of milk has decreased, and in addition the quality of milk as a whole has deteriorated. Finding a problem with a farmer who supplies one ton of milk daily is possible. It is impossible to find a problem in the national team of a ton of milk. On average, each house delivers 10-12 liters of milk daily. To track who uses the tricks to preserve milk in the 25-degree summer nights without using a refrigerator or with winter minuses, how to increase or lower the fat content and the amount of milk is simply impossible. There is no control, so there is no guarantee.

Over the years, we have been able to find farmers who share our principles.
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In 2016, we completely switched to farm milk, thereby improving the quality of incoming raw materials. We are 100% sure that our products are written in an "honest composition".

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We work with three farms in the Chui oblast:
1. The farm "Flekfi", p. Kunchi - 800 liters of milk per day.
2. The farm "Suleiman", p. Nizhnechujskoye - 1300 liters. Milk per day.
3. FH PE Sarkisova, p. The bunch is 1700 liters. Milk per day.

All farms are exemplary, constantly investing in development in order to meet the high demands of our company. Modern European technologies are introduced, they increase the number of livestock.

Be healthy, eat real, fresh and healthy dairy products!

Company "Family Traditions".
23 April, 2017